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Best restaurants in Rome

The best restaurants in Rome strong>? Great Coffee of the Passenger is placed in one of the most beautiful parts of the historic center of Rome, in a transition zone that acts as a bank between the Republic Square and Santa Maria Maggiore. If you are in search of good food, the discovery of a culinary art rich in tradition and authenticity, you can only book in the best italian restaurants in Italy Rome strong>, where quality, taste, smell, and taste it are the masters. The natural products of a land such as Lazio, making the kitchen a triumph of scents and colors of the Mediterranean; if you're planning a weekend out of town and want to give yourself a delicious lunch, you'll be spoiled for choice. Great Coffee of the Passenger is among the best restaurants Rome strong>. What are you waiting for?! P>

Great Coffee Passenger is much more of a italian restaurants in Italy Rome strong>; It is one of the few restaurants to offer a special feature, namely the ability to choose the type of cuisine, with typical Roman dishes to international ones which open to distant tastes and flavors but super welcome. Treat yourself to an experience unique ways, Gran Caffè Passenger is the best restaurants in Rome strong> from the single; Sophisticated and elegant is very well suited to celebrate important events or special occasions. It is a type of restaurant with exclusive cuisine; from us only top quality meats, with a variety difficult to find. The welcoming atmosphere and sophisticated at the same time, the courteous and professional staff plus all the flavors of a traditional, authentic cooking, make the Gran Caffè Passenger's one of the best restaurants Rome strong> most renowned. P>

The Roman cuisine is one of the most famous, homemade, genuine and quality, it is a result of a land rich in history and tradition like Lazio. If you are one of those who loves to eat out without sacrificing good food for the beauty of the place, Great Coffee of the Passenger it is the perfect combination you are looking for. The hospitality and the elegance of a really nice atmosphere, combined with the traditional Roman cuisine with an exceptional quality service, makes this place one of the , italy italian restaurants in Rome strong> most wanted. P>

The Restaurant

In the Center of Rome, near the Opera House, Piazza della Repubblica Square and Santa Maria Maggiore Church, the GRAN CAFFE’ DEL PASSEGGERO offers its roman and international customers a Restaurant and a Cafeteria of the highest quality in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

The menù of the RESTAURANT is characterized by an interesting range of Seafood Delicacies that come together with the recipes of traditional Roman Cuisine revisited with flair by Chef.
The selection is completed with Meat Recipes in which, in line with the rest of the menu, tradition meets innovation.

The selection of raw materials, starting from freshly caught fish from Mediterranean Sea to the “drawn in bronze” Pasta and the exclusively “homemade” food preparations, as well as the whole Pastry and desserts, are further guarantees of a quality choice.
The Wine List offers the best vintages of the most prestigious Italian wines and a good selection of craft Beers.




The Caffeteria

The CAFFETERIA, a piece of history in the center of the capital, offers a wide choice from the typical “Italian Breakfast” to a refined “American Breakfast” prepared in the laboratories of the restaurant. In the afternoon, the atmosphere is ideal to enjoy an aperitif or a cocktail.
The restaurant has also outdoor seating to live fully, from breakfast to after dinner, the magnetic atmosphere of the center of the Eternal City...