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Fish restaurants in Rome

The Roman kitchen, you know, is one of the most popular in Italy and abroad, and not appreciated by nationalists, is also known to tourists who have imitated some versions for export to countries of origin. The fish restaurants in Rome strong> are restaurants where taste blends with the tradition, the quality of ingredients, expertly mixed and cooked, are the secret of all of the Rome fish restaurants strong>. It is clear that the secret of culinary art, like the Roman, must be known and reworked. Great Coffee of the Passenger is one of the best fish restaurants in Rome strong> in the area; the freshness of the products and expertise in the cook, makes it unique. The passion for our work leads us to do better; that the purposes for which some day our services. P>

Experience teaches us that the customer wants to see, watch what you eat and how it is cooked, the Passenger Gra Coffee is one of the few Restaurants in Catania Province strong> to have thought of meeting this desire. Indeed, we have set up a fish counter next to the kitchen, where our guests can see and test the quality of our products, in addition to choosing autonomously and rapidly the desired type of fish. Having the ability to choose from a wide range of fish is not all Rome fish restaurants strong>; a guarantee of professionalism, quality and freshness of the ingredients. Book a table at the most popular with fish restaurants in Rome strong>, one of the senses experience. P>

In the typical Roman cooking the fish is always present in some way, and anchovies, octopus, shrimp and shellfish are always in the dishes of our Rome fish restaurants strong>. If you are a lover of Southern cuisine and a gourmet, you can not miss a lunch or dinner in one of the fish restaurants in Rome strong> more famous for the skill in which they are prepared to old recipes. If you are looking for a good restaurant in Rome but competition confuses you, do not have more doubts! Great Coffee of the Passenger's Art warranty, wisdom, decorated in a blend of flavors and perfumes of an uncontaminated land. Book a table! P>


Via del Viminale, 2 - 00184 Roma
Open from 11.00 to 01.00

VAT 12465521008

Phone +39 064818229
Fax    +39 064818229

The Restaurant,in via del Viminale nº 2, is open from 11.00 to 01.00

The Cafeteria, in via Amendola nº 1, is open from 6.30 to 02.00


Via Amendola, 1 - 00184 Roma
open from 6.30 to 02.00