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Restaurants via Nazionale

Are you looking for a restaurants via National strong> with a good quality - price ratio? Great Coffee of the Passenger is among the most renowned in the area; It is strategically located at the center of many tourist attractions of historical and cultural value, plus the 'extensive menu proposed, supported by fresh products and quality, makes the difference. Our restaurants in Via Nazionale strong> is characterized by elegant surroundings and at the same time cozy, for large spaces both indoors and outdoors and for a more courteous and helpful room staff, ready to satisfy the needs and desires of its customers. By prime meats and dishes of fresh fish, from Fiumicino, our chef conquer everyone. Pay us a visit! P>

We personally select our ingredients in order to offer our customers only top quality dishes with a unique taste. Over the years we have expanded our horizons so that our restaurants via National strong> Gran Caffè Passenger could offer that something extra, such as to make it special, different. Today, in addition to 'beloved cuisine of the Roman tradition, we offer dishes with international flavors, revisited Mediterranean touch. What are you waiting for? We are right in the center of Rome, enjoy a stop at 'sign of taste, tradition and above all authenticity. Book your table! P>

Every meal, from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner and after dinner is prepared to 'inside of our laboratory, nothing prepackaged all freshly prepared and served. The passion, the 'experience and professionalism to our work, encourages us to do even better, rest assured that customer satisfaction is the primary goal. We are in a central area of ​​Rome, a restaurants via National strong> that has always focused on quality and tradition, achieving goals of great success. Contact us and book a table at our restaurants via National strong>; we look forward to welcoming you! P>


Via del Viminale, 2 - 00184 Roma
Open from 11.00 to 01.00

VAT 12465521008

Phone +39 064818229
Fax    +39 064818229

The Restaurant,in via del Viminale nº 2, is open from 11.00 to 01.00

The Cafeteria, in via Amendola nº 1, is open from 6.30 to 02.00


Via Amendola, 1 - 00184 Roma
open from 6.30 to 02.00