Freshly caught fish Saltimbocca alla romana with sautéed chicory
Saltimbocca alla romana di pescato del giorno con cicoria saltata

A very classic main courses of Roman cuisine, revisited in a marine way.

The dishes of the Roman tradition entered the national and international cuisine as they are made with a few simple ingredients, reduced though wise passages and because they are able to condense like few other kitchens the authentic expression of their territory and their culture.

The famous saltimbocca alla romana are not an exception: a dish now cleared by the regional borders, appreciated and replicated at every latitude.

Unlike the saltimbocca Neapolitan, which is a kind of sandwich, the Roman saltimbocca is a main courses based on meat, raw ham and sage, a great traditional recipe, capable of enhancing few ingredients and making it a unique dish.

In this version that the Gran Caffè del Passeggero offers its customers, instead of the thin walnut of veal beaten, the freshly caught fish, on which the raw ham and sage are placed, all cooked in butter and sprinkled with white wine , accompanied by a vegetable symbol of Roman gastronomy: sautéed chicory; the saltimbocca can be cooked and served rolled up: a real wonder!

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