Spaghetti alla Gricia of Gamberi
Spaghetti alla gricia di gamberi

Gricia, a symbol of Roman cooking tradition, is none other than the ancestor of the amatriciana, when the tomato was added to the classic recipe in the seventeenth century.

It is a relatively poor dish, but extraordinarily tasty and round, whose origins go back to the Grici, Swiss bakers in the Rome of 800 or according to others, to the village of Grisciano, very close to Amatrice from which it takes its name, for apheresis, matriciana, the version with tomato.

Our re-proposal, with very fresh crustaceans, makes this rustic and challenging dish particularly elegant and light. The roughness of Gragnano pasta, the sweetness of Mediterranean shrimps, the decisive flavor of cheek and pecorino cheese, create contrasts and combinations that enhance the flavors of the individual ingredients in a surprising and extremely pleasant combination.

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